Truths About Home Daycare

Truths About Home Daycare

There are so many amazing childcare or daycare providers out there to choose from. Most Providers love what they do and couldn’t imagine doing any other job.  Pooh Bear’s Daycare in Manassas Park, VA is one of those amazing home daycare’s every parent is looking for when registering their child in a daycare center or family daycare home.  Call Us @ (571) 217-8694 for more details.

Some Truths about home daycare:

1) Most Families form tight bonds with their daycare providers.

2) Home daycare is different than center care. The children in home daycare are treated normally as part of the family and get more one-on-one care that cannot be provided in large programs and child care facilities.

3) The daycare provider’s day doesn’t end when the kids leave.

4) During business hours, a daycare provider rarely has time to complete all daycare tasks. Most providers are with children all day, with most working upwards of 10 hrs per day. They don’t have time to do supply runs, prepare all activities, and lesson plans, or prep meals when kids are running around. This is done normally outside of the daycare’s normal business hours e.g., wiping down toys and equipment, cleaning messes from the day, scrubbing down bathrooms, and doing dishes or laundry and much more. These tasks add up to hundreds of hours a year spent working when the kids aren’t present.

6) All children are a priority to the home daycare provider where smaller group sizes and multiple ages encourage quick learning.

7) Child care providers in the home daycare are more than just stay-at-home moms and Home daycare providers are not a parent’s employee. They run a business and are not just their babysitters.