Summer Break

summer break

Summer Break 2019

With Summer Break just around the corner starting in mid June, many parents are wondering what types of activities their children can do this summer while they’re away from school to keep them learning and entertained during summer break.

Research shows that over the summer break, children can lose about two months’ worth of math skills. Really?  While a short two or three weeks in December for Christmas break doesn’t have the same impact.  That’s why we’ve listed a few ideas to keep your child sharp while having fun over the summer break.


#1 Take a Day Trip

Explore the city and metropolitan area and find some new local adventures. Washington DC

  • Take a day trip to Washington D.C.  Visit Monuments and memorials, eclectic neighborhoods, true local food flavors – Washington, DC is a place unlike any other. It’s your home away from home with free museums and America’s front yard. Plan your trip to the nation’s capital by checking out all the things to do, places to eat and ways to stay.


  • Kings DominionChoose to have so many fun things to do at Kings Dominion, Virginia’s premier amusement park!  With so many things to see, you’ll need more than one day to enjoy it.  


  • Visit Washington/Baltimore’s biggest, most popular family attraction featuring dozens of thrill rides, shows, and activities at Six Flags America (Upper Marlboro, MD)Six Flags America

During the school year, it might be challenging to reserve time for these trips, but they can be educational, rewarding, and fun for the whole family during summer break.


#2 Build Something

If your child is a little older, maybe a DIY project is the perfect activity for the summer break. Building is the foundation for engineering, whether your child uses legos, clay, or learning computer code for children.

The summer is a rejuvenating time of year that give families time to make new memories and have great fun times.  However, for parents looking for ways to spend time during the break with their children while still working sometimes 5 days a week…it can be challenging to searching for ways to expand their children’s opportunity for learning, and while still having fun during summer break.

At Pooh Bear’s Daycare, we offer so much more than the typical ordinary daycare.  Our summer days are filled with fun in the sun activities including picnics, swimming at the pool, arts & crafts, and much more.


We serve fresh daily a nutritious breakfast, lunch and both a morning and afternoon snacks daily including plenty of ice cream and cold popsicle’s for your child(ren) during Virginia’s hot summer days! 


If you have any questions about our family home daycare, including infant care, toddler & elementary school age childcare, give us a call at (571) 217-8694 to schedule a visit or register your children for summer break daycare services in Manassas Park or surrounding Manassas, VA area.

Infant & Toddler Child Care

Infant & Toddler Child Care  Infant & Toddler Child Care @ Pooh Bear's Daycare

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Pooh Bear's Daycare

Providing Child Care for infants and toddlers in various age groups is pretty common today in family home daycare’s.  Facts show that it can be very challenging to provide quality care when the right environment is not established or designed to care for mixed age groups of children.

Daycare Provider’s to succeed must have sound supervisory skills and methods to properly monitor the older children (toddlers) around younger children and infants in the daycare.  It’s important to have aged appropriate toys and learning manipulates for preschoolers as these may not be appropriate for younger infants or toddlers.  Safety is always key when selecting toys and learning devices for use in the daycare as there are so many things that can easily become a choking hazard.

Daycare Provider’s providing Infant & Toddler Child Care must carefully plan and provide the right learning environments and play areas in the daycare to safely operate and maintain 100% oversight during operating hours.  Providing Professional Infant & Toddler Child Care isn’t easy.

Today’s childcare centers and family daycare homes are required to have separate spaces that are designed or configured to meet the child care needs of  infants and toddlers.  In Child Care facilities most are set up with areas for infant and toddlers with children’s ages between the ages of 0-24 months of age.  Other areas provided are normally established for older toddlers i.e., three and four year old, pre-school age children, and school aged children attending elementary schools.

In daycare family homes, spaces may be different than a commercial environment that can offer a more warm close family personal space however, it’s important to still provide adequate areas and square footage in the home for sleeping, cribs, Knapp time mats, playpens, crawling spaces for free play, enough areas in the home for toddlers to master walking, and of course separate places for diapering, feeding, dressing, and other daycare activities.

In large and mid-sized child care centers, daycare providers providing special places designated just for infants and toddler care can be sumptuousness for the child and the caregiver.  However, in family daycare homes providing adequate spaces/areas caring for a mixed age group of children, can also be just as gorgeous.  Family daycare homes can be modified with personal charm when the daycare provider takes the time to properly plan to establish areas with everything required to meet the developmental needs of all infants and toddlers in a daycare.

At Pooh Bear’s Daycare… Infant & Toddler Child Care is OUR MISSION and What We Do.  We have taken the time to properly plan for quality care and use these components to establish professional, fun, loving, child group care:

  • ensuring manageable group sizes i.e., 3 to 1 for more one-on-one personal child care
  • providing a quality physical environment to stimulate rapid early childhood development and learning
  • establishing primary care giving duties to accomplish daily activities
  • fostering nurturing child care principals for children
  • promoting growth and development continuity to all children
  • establishing and meeting the personal needs of the children

As you can see from above, there are a lot of factors that contribute to providing professional and quality care for all children.  Call Pooh Bear’s Daycare Today, ph:  571.217.8694, that’s our mission and What WE DO!

With Success in Mind,

Pooh Bear’s Daycare