Starting Daycare

starting daycare

Starting Daycare?


Sending your child to day care, whether it’s a daycare center or a family care home can be an anxious time for everyone, but there are ways to help make the transition to child care a smoother process for the whole family when starting daycare.

Preparing Toddlers for Daycare.

Preparation is the key for both the child and the Parent(s) when starting daycare.  Before formal care is to begin it is very important to start talking to your toddler early on about where he or she will be going, tell them how fun it will be and what they will do there during the day.  Take the time to explain to your child(ren) what the child care daily routine will be each day and to reassure them that Mommy or Daddy will always be with them to take them to daycare in the morning and there to pick them up in the afternoon.  Parent(s) don’t worry on what to say to your child when starting daycare… there are lots of parenting books available that can help tell stories about going to child care, or preschool daycare and use them as they may be a good introduction start before beginning child care.

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Daycare Tips for Smooth Child Pick-ups

Daycare Tips for Smooth Child Pick-ups

Daycare Tips for Smooth Child Pick-ups.

  1. Take a moment to connect with your child’s daycare staff members to understand your child’s day at daycare. It’s so important to pause and appreciate all the love and kindness they provide to your little ones each day.  Try to always ask time permitting even on good days and on the bad!
  2. Try to gather your child(ren)’s stuff first that needs to go home before you go to get your child(ren).  A simple school bag or backpack can make it easier to grab and storage things and give you “hands free” abilities when getting your children from the daycare.
  3.  Try the same tips for making your child(s) drop-off easier — allow yourself time to not be in a rush if possible.  But if you’ve had a rough day, try to remember to take a deep breath to shake it off before entering the  daycare home or center…even if it means you’ll be in a rush to get your child packed up and out the door.
  4.  Talk about what you’re going to do at home. When picking-up my child I often say, “let’s go home to see daddy!” and my daughter’s face lights up.  Sometimes maybe remember to have your child(s) favorite toy in the car waiting for them just in case he/she needs that little distraction to get them to go home with you and prevent them having problems leaving their friends at the daycare.
  5. Try yo have a consistent plan and stick to it. If you are willing to let your child(ren) keep playing for 15 minutes when you arrive that the daycare, great.  However, if you have some place to be, an appointment and can’t hang around, don’t dilly dally with your child.  Let your child(ren) know and stick to the plan.  Also, if you pick up your children after 5 p.m., presume your child will be hungry and remember to bring snacks for them especially if you have a long commute home ahead.

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2017 Daycare Registrations

2017 Daycare Registrations

2017 Daycare Registrations.

Openings Available for both Full & Part Time slots.  

Pooh Bear's Daycare
Pooh Bear’s Daycare is Conveniently located near Generals Ridge Golf Course & Signal Hill Park in Manassas Park, VA.

Call Today (571) 217-8694 for more details on registering your child(ren) while positions are still available.

Pooh Bear’s Daycare combines early childhood development learning experiences and fun structured play in a safe, nurturing, and loving environment offering much more than just ordinary child care

  • Professional Staff
  • Reasonable Rates
  • CPR & First Aid Certified

Open 6:00am – 6:30pm, Monday-Friday


Pooh Bear’s Daycare Blog Post

pooh bears daycare blog post

Pooh Bear’s Daycare Blog Post | Welcome!

Visit Pooh Bears Daycare Blog Post often to get up-to-date information regarding what is new at the Pooh Bear’s Daycare.

Pooh Bear’s Daycare is Manassas Park, VA newest Family Daycare Home and is conveniently located near Generals Ridge Golf Course & Signal Hill Park in Manassas Park, VA.  We are proud to serve Manassas, Manassas Park, and the surrounding Virginia area with professional, affordable, and top-notched daycare services.   Our Pooh Bear’s Daycare Family Home is the perfect place where your child(ren) will meet new friends, play and quickly learn all the basics before entering school!

Our daycare services combine early childhood development learning experiences and structured play in a fun, safe, nurturing, and loving environment offering more child care services than just ordinary everyday child care. We offer lots of excitement for your children, with fun, creative activities that support your child’s growing independence and to aid in developing your child(ren)’s physical, social, and emotional development.

Call Today for more details about our daycare and to register your child now.  Spaces are limited and we are filling 2017 Full Time & Part Time Registrations.

We serve fresh daily a Nutritious breakfast, lunch and both a morning and afternoon snack daily for your child(ren)!

Open Mon – Fri, 6:00 am to 6:30 pm

Full Time 24-40 Hrs.  $300
Part Time 20 Hrs.        $200
Drop In $15 Hr.

  • Infants – Toddlers
  • Experienced Staff
  • CPR & First Aid Certified

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Pooh Bear's Daycare Blog Post

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