Educational Learning

Pooh Bear’s Daycare provides early childhood development learning for children enrolled to ensure every child is prepared for school in a safe and fun environment that allows them to excel in learning every day.

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What We Do…


We offer lots of excitement and one-on-one personal attention during learning activities that help accelerate your child’s growing independence by helping them develop their cognitive, social, emotional, and physical motor skills development. Pooh Bear’s Daycare ensures that each child in the daycare gets their individual focus and personal attention that is critically needed to help prepare them for a healthy personal development of motor skills, language, and sensory skills. Structured learning activities help children demonstrate confidence, curiosity, and creativity in group interactions and personal play.

Fun Activities

Pooh Bear’s Daycare offers an exciting, fun, safe environment, where all children are allowed to interact, make new friends,
and excel in a loving home, while learning  the essential requirements to prepare them for school.  Contact Us @ (571) 217-8694

Pooh Bear's Daycare

Learning to Read!

All children at Pooh Bear’s Daycare learn the importance of reading every day. Active story time activities allow children to read books at the appropriate age levels, interact with each other, and are allowed to tell each story they learned to read.