Nurturing Family Daycare Home

Pooh Bear's Daycare is conveniently located near Generals Ridge Golf Course & Signal Hill Park in Manassas Park, VA. Serving Manassas Park, Manassas, and the surrounding Virginia area, our child care services are Professional, Affordable, and what Parent(s) are looking for "Top-Quality" care for the child(ren). Our Daycare Family Home is the perfect place where your child(ren) will thrive, meet new friends, play, and quickly learn! At Pooh Bear's Daycare, we combine early childhood development learning experiences and structured play in a fun, safe, nurturing, and loving environment by offering more child care services than just ordinary child care or baby sitting service. We offer lots of excitement, with fun, creative activities that support your child's growing independence and to aid in developing your child(ren)'s physical, social, and emotional development. We provide age appropriate learning that ensures that each child gets their focus and personal attention needed to target their personal development of motor skills, language, and sensory skills. Call Today for more details on Full & Part Time Registrations @ (571) 217-8694 or email

Early Educational Learning

Pooh Bear's Daycare is proud to offer effective and educational early childhood learning for your infants and toddlers. Our nurturing approach creates a warm, comfortable, fun & inviting family atmosphere for your babies to learn, grow, and develop. We will nurture your infant's and toddlers rapidly developing minds through free play, song, rhythm exercises, story time reading, and creative movement.

Pre-Elementary School Learning

Whether you have a youngster ready to start kindergarten, first, second, or third grade, they're sure to succeed as we provide the basics every child needs to start pre-school & elementary school.

Fun Activities

We strive to provide Extracurricular Activities we plan for your child(ren) to help them succeed academically, socially, and emotionally. Whether it is music, dance, special outings to a museum, or picnic in the yard, we will have something planned that your child will enjoy.

Senior Home Care Services

Senior Home Care Services As your parents and grandparents age, they may want need additional senior home care services and / or need some additional companionship to help them to be safe and sound in and around the home.​ At Pooh Bear’s Daycare & Senior Home Care Service in Manassas Park, VA… We offer many different types of in-home care service that can be custom tailored or individualized to meet the needs of your family member(s). Call us at (571) 217-8694 for a free consultation to learn how our home care services can benefit your family.