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Daycare Services Booking Request


Welcome to Pooh Bear’s Daycare Services Booking Request Page.  Use this scheduler to submit your daycare services booking request for your child(ren), Mon – Fri between our Operating Hours of 6:00 am to 6:30 pm and weekend services are available upon request.

Use our booking request form to request daycare services for your children on an “As Needed” or “PRN” basis when child care services are not required on a part-time or full-time schedule or having a formal daycare contract to be signed.  Try our quick and easy Booking Request form today, as we are at your service.

Rates for “As Needed” or PRN child care services at Pooh Bear’s Daycare are charged @ $15 hour.

Note: 24 hr. advanced notice is needed to allow booking/scheduling requests to be reviewed, approved , or declined due to schedule unavailability.  This daycare service is only offered to Parent(s) who have visited our daycare and registered for such services in advance prior to requesting or booking dates/times for child care service by Pooh Bear’s Daycare.


Please call Pooh Bear’s Daycare for more details about this child care service “before submitting” any daycare service booking request from our website.

Pooh Bear's Daycare

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