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The last few years have been difficult for most people. Coronavirus has had a huge impact on the world, causing us all to suffer from many things, but fortunately most of us have gotten to the other side.

As parents, we know you have done a great job of staying strong for your children and helping them overcome a pandemic where information is limited, and the end does not seem to exist. Parents had to support them through isolation, home education, fear and insecurity, but many still do not have everything together to become whole again. Our children lacked important milestones and social events like; celebrate birthdays, graduations, proms, fresher weeks, early days at school and making new friends. Understanding that your children may feel anger, resentment, or anxiety simply because life has returned to “normal” does not mean that they are returning to these important moments in life.  Are we now damaged goods?  Time will tell but we all have more to do to get healthy once again.


Our relationships with children will be constantly changing forever more, you and we will not, and cannot, treat them as if they were six or seven years old. After COVID, we know all must adjust to a new norm.  We all grow emotionally and physically each differently and we now must adapt to how we communicate differently with everyone going forward.

When you think about these two points, you can understand why many teens and children are overwhelmed and why families are trying to get along.  Coronavirus has been a terrible nightmare; mask paranoia has hurt us all, and everyone may need family coaching services. 

At Pooh Bear’s Daycare, we have a solution. We listened to our friends and family who went through similar situations and decided to create a room or area in our family home daycare to provide communication services to those in need.  

These conversations are held when needed to help people cope and get answers to their questions and other things, they feel need healing ones self.  It is not advice, but rather a support service in a safe, neutral and comfortable environment where all can talk, listen and learn. We want to listen to all parties and help parents to be a source of strength for their children. We can cover topics such as family dynamics, internet safety, harassment management, self-care and social care, and more.



COVID Health

We have experienced this over the years and social care for adults and children has given us the understanding and qualifications to be a great source of information and support. Our goal is to make you feel powerful with the tools / tasks that can help strengthen your family’s unity. Each family is unique, so our conversation sessions will continue to make sure you feel your support is provided along the way living after COVID. To learn more about our service, email us at

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