educational learning

Educational Learning!

Pooh Bear’s Daycare provides safe, fun, and educational learning activities for your children that will bring out that rocket scientist you never saw coming. 

Learning Alphabet

Learning the alphabet is fun, and at Pooh Bear’s Daycare teaching the alphabet has never been easier.  We use various learning techniques (letter recognition, flash cards, games) where your toddlers will quickly learn the alphabet A-Z.

Learning Colors

Children learn best when they are engaged and enjoying themselves.  Pooh Bear’s Daycare will teach your children colors using different games and fun activities that will spark your child’s interest in colors and help him or her retain the information quickly and effectively.  We like to say…“busy hands make busy brains.”

Learning Numbers

Pooh Bear’s Daycare will teach your little one the number as easy as 1, 2, 3.  Through use of simple and fun activities your toddlers will be counting to ten  and beyond before you know it.


online learning

Online Learning

At Pooh Bear’s Daycare our children learn online by using all types of technology devices weather it’s an iPad, laptop, desktop, or smart phone…on learning is effectively made available so your child(ren) can learn online and gain fine motor skills and become proficient at using technology to prepare them for entering school.

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