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It’s Official Kids… Time for Back to School!

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Summer vacation is officially about over & Manassas City Schools open for business 10 August 2022 and Manassas Park schools officially begin 22 August.

Whether or not you and your children are looking forward to the upcoming school year, we want to pass this information to you so you can write down the important dates for your calendars and planning purposes.

Back to School - Manassas City Public Schools

Below are the dates to know for the 2022-2023 school year for the City of Manassas Schools:

Parents… Pooh Bear’s Daycare hopes you all had a great summer break and are getting ready to begin another busy school year.  Give us a call @ (571) 217-8694 if you need before and after childcare.  We have limited spaces available and are on the Manassas Park Bus route with front door pick up and afternoon drop offs.

Manassas Park Public Schools Bus

Manassas Park School’s important dates to know for the 2022-2023 school year are listed here.

Manassas Park Schools - Back to School

Back to School - Manassas Park School Calendar 2022

Manassas Park High School

Manassas Park Cougar Elementary School

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